Thursday, March 05, 2009

My ACC story

Well, part of it.

Along with an assortment of serious and minor injuries, after being head-on'd by a hoon on the wrong side of the road and at about twice the speed limit, I received a hand injury.

My GP diagnosed this as a sprain- this was a couple of weeks after the event, stuff like the pulmonary embolism sort of distracting me from a bothersome hand. That's another story in itself.

So it was off to physio for a 'sprained wrist'

Within 5 minutes, the physio determined that the clicking and pain meant more than a sprain and said that it seem to be a fractured scaphoid bone.

Back to the GP who agreed there was something wrong.

Wait a couple of weeks for a referral to the hospital.

Get x-ray which showed nothing (this fracture can be a bastard to diagnose) Arm plastered anyway

Wait for another x-ray. This one shows something wrong.

Wait for a CT scan to confirm this.

CT scanner is broken. Wait for ACC to do a referral to a private clinic.

Specialist does not like what he sees. Refers to another specialist.

He doesn't like it either. Refers to Grand Pobah consultant.

This consultant concedes that the scaphoid is/was broken.

Plaster removed four months later. Off to physio.

Wrist still buggered. Back to specialist.

Specialist recommends surgery. Wait for ACC again.

Two years later, surgery confirms ligament damage, torn cartilage cleaned up.

Back to physio to build up strength is wasted arm.

2 1/2 years later I'm ready to go back to work...