Wednesday, December 10, 2008

You lost- suck it up.

"Prime Minister John Key is under fire over plans to rush through law changes before Christmas giving employers the right to sack staff in their first 90 days on the job.

Unions criticised the Government's refusal to allow a public debate and called it an attack on workers' fundamental legal rights..."

It was a well-publicized move and going by the way the vote went at the elections, one that has plenty of support.

Of course the usual hand-wringing apologists for the terminally useless are whining like a bus-load of Pommie tourists!

Meanwhile , in the real world- employers don't actually want a constant churn of new employees. They need training and that costs time and money. But when you hire a dud, you want to get rid of them like dead fish- now- not after 'going through the process', that being heavily weighted in favour of the dud.

Here is another news flash- they other employers want them gone and replaced too. Nobody likes carrying some useless bastard who should be capapble of doing the job. I've seen more than a few of them come and go over the years- and they never went soon enough. Sometimes it's not a matter of competency- they are just possessed of a toxic personality and as welcome as Phillip Alpers at a gun club function.

Personally, I would have liked to have seen the period extended to six months, as in a more technical roll it can take longer than three months to do a fair assessment of a newbie- although you generally have a fair idea they won't cut it.

Really, this is geared towards the non-skilled or entry point worker who does not have a checkable CV to offer. (and employers SHOULD check bloody CV's!) I don't see it being a problem to the skilled or professional worker. Including those contemplating moving back to NZ- despite what the Chicken Little red team are squarking.

Of course there will be the inevitable asshole employers who will use this to perform some kind of employment rort.

But ask yourself- would you really want to work for one of these creeps?

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