Monday, December 22, 2008

Rage against the Machine

This blogger has previously warned that the gloves are off.

I refuse to subscribe to the pretense that we must all be civil to each other. In other words, those on the left must be allowed to vent their spleen on us and in return get a civil retort. Not friggin' here!

If you dislike me or my views, fine. Make your feelings known on YOUR OWN blog. The one that gets four hits a week, in all probability.

This is my soapbox- find your own!

Be assured that those SEEKING information may do so freely. I'm more than happy to explain or elaborate.

If you come to sneer or take the piss- you will get the blog equivalent of a size 12 steel-cap in the gonads.

And for the record- if you had ANY understanding of the Libertarianz, you would know that the one thing we are NOT are herd beasts. We come in all shapes, sizes and temperments. There are some that will give your digs a well reasoned rebuttal. There are others that will give you an invitation to sex and travel.

I'm one of the latter.

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