Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Community based sentencing- make it HURT!

Now I find crimes like this totally inexcusable. What possible harm or offense can a kindergarten have ever caused these crap-heads?

"...The vegetable garden was ruined, spouting broken and a window smashed after about 20 youths went on a mid-afternoon vandalism spree..."

Now some may wonder why I bother about this sort of thing when people are being killed, robbed and generally assailed.

Because this sort of lawlessness is where it starts. I saw it so often when reading case histories- the first charge on many record was Theft of a Bicycle. Small stuff that goes on along the path to being a lifer. Crimes punished with a slap on the hand with a wet WINZ voucher.

When one complains, it is good form to propose a remedy.

I think this sort of offense (for a first offense) is best served with a non-custodial sentence. A couple of years of community service should teach a lesson. None of these 150 hour sentences.

Failure to turn up and do your time gets the time doubled. Each day missed gets a day in the local stocks!

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