Sunday, December 21, 2008

The colour of the sky on your planet is...?

"Associate Corrections Minister Pita Sharples rates the Christmas meal prisoners will eat next Thursday in 20 jails as better than basic average lunchtime restaurant fare..."

If I got a restaurant meal worse than prison food, someone would be washing it out of their hair shortly after!

I know all too well what prison food is like. Nutritious, adequate and that's about it. Way behind army rations and hospital fare.

As it should be.

In fact, it's too good for most of the filth that receive it.

I have dined in Nz's finest restaurants- and a few at the other end of the market. Never have I been served up anything like prison food, with the possible exception of 1965 Army canned rations that were handed out during the late '70's. And while those trailed on the quality side, they were ahead in quantity!

Pita Sharples, you don't know what you are talking about- if you find Corrections food that good- you would be more of an ascetic!

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