Friday, December 26, 2008

On the uniformed branch of the IRD

On the subject of 'speeding', I can't say it much better than the chap here

There is a speed trap here at the bottom of an incline, the camera being placed near where the road goes from 50 kph to 100 kph and of course everyone but Horace Wimp is accelerating before actually passing the 100k sign.

I know this because I got pinged there twice this year. Watching the road, not the gauges, in my diesel ute which accelerates like a mule train (and has a similar top speed)

Also, being a local, I happen to know that the injury accidents in this area are a number very close to- if not actually-ZERO.

It's just a bloody cash cow!

I wish the cops were as well resourced for nabbing the boy racers doing burnouts, the wankers hooning on minibikes about town and the bloody non-road legal profusion of tractors and agricultural vehicles clogging the roads driving from one town to another at 40kph!

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