Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Other solutions

Israel has its back to the wall- although they are very far from out of the fight.

Now given that the Arabs want them gone (preferably dead), the left-dominated media condemns them for daring to fight back against a mere few thousand rocket attacks and the felching rimjaws of the UN want them to likewise disappear.

Would another country with lots of underused land invite the whole country to pack up and move there?

Like New Zealand?

We could do a lot worse that to welcome a nation of hard-working go-getters to relocate to our mostly empty spaces. Look what they did in a desert in sixty years! It would be a huge task and would take some years to complete but all things are possible. Like surviving with bomb-toting pychos all around your homeland!

With there wealth and workers plus help from all the arseholes who want them gone from the middle east- dig deep you scumbags and put it where your mouths are!- new cities would soon be built along with all the needed infrastructure. If we went with this idea- we could surely can the RMA!

We would also have one kick-arse army and a real air force!

And last but not least- all the ingrate rag-heads living here now would have plenty of spare room back in Palestine- back with the faithful!

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