Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"This weekend's $22 million Lotto Powerball prize is enough to quit work for, but the Lotteries Commission is urging potential winners to think long and hard about what they would do with the money. The combined prize from Powerball, Lotto and Strike stands at $23.5m, and if won by a single person, will be the third largest prize ever awarded in New Zealand. New Zealand Lotteries Commission spokeswoman Karen Jones said past winners tended to need to win at least $10-15m before thinking about quitting work..." 

Bugger off.

The interest on about 1.5 million would let me live the same lifestyle I have now- which ain't so bad.
5 mill and I would be living the life of Riley!
10 mill and I'm Jubal Harshaw (look it up, you are on the frickin' internet!)


KG said...

Why doesn't Karen Jones mind her own effing business and stop trying to play Mommy?

Anonymous said...

Fuck 'Blogger,' I refuse to retype all the post I made and Blogger trashed for me.


MathewK said...

I think what happens to a lot of people when they get this enormous amount of money is they kick up their lifestyle. Sure you can easily survive on the interest from a couple of million based on the current lifestyle, but the money runs out fast once you jump into a beach front mansion with the fancy gardens, heated pools, S-Class Benz and all that. Not to mention all the 'friends' you'll suddenly pick up along the way who just need a few bob or who just come along to sponge off you.

Personally, if i ever won that kind of money, i don't think i'll quit work, what would i do with myself with all the free time.

Anonymous said...

Whose money is it? Not Karen Jones'.

The fact is, Ms Jones is a jobsworth bureaucrat who is only concerned about protecting the lotteries commission from any risk of adverse media criticism associated with someone coming unstuck after a 'Big Win'.