Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It's easy with OPM*

Staying true to the traditions of never learning from another's mistake, the usual offenders are wailing about the threatened demolition of an old and slightly shabby earthquake risk in Martinborough.

This is an unreinforced masonry building. The sort that killed more than a few down in the Village of the Damned.

Apparently it MUST be saved WHATEVER the cost. Easy to say when you ain't the one footing the bill,  and I note that one of the more vocal 'Save the brickpile' brigade is not short of a few dollars.

But then you get to have a few bucks by being reluctant to dip into one's own pockets.

In reality land, we have a proposed  2.3 million dollar white elephant and just a few thousand ratepayers in the district.

And two halls already...

* Other People's Money


Anonymous said...

According to the dumb-arsed repeater the building is "earthquake prone." How can it be prone to earthquakes? Does it attract earth movements?


KG said...

Perhaps some public-spirited soul could accidentally run a grader into it?

Ciaron said...

Cad, the term "Earthquake prone" is simply a catergory which means it is assessed as less than 33% of the strength that the current code requires (this is an IEP assessment). The IEP is a very blunt tool, and detailed evaluation can reveal significantly higher or lower %NBS (New Build Standard). what these catergories are intended to convey is the likely performance of the building during the "Design Earthquake", and hence the risk to life carried by the building owner.

As an aside, the IEP does consider the location of the building, as in distance from known faults, but it penalises heavily on pre 1970's design and URM buildings

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