Thursday, March 29, 2012

Crippled by dial-up speed restrictions

Kids with ipods and youtube...


PM of NZ said...

And skool hols don't start for another week..

Lofty said...

Oh yes, in my case it is the bloody darling grandchildren.
I checked my favorites last night and it was chokka with games for the wee ones to return to.
Oops I lo.ks I. Am. Runi. G o u t of bro. D. And.

KG said...

Telstra finally admitted that our local tower has been grossly overloaded for six months, and won't be upgraded for another three months at least.
So, for months their "help" desk yoy-yos have been telling us our wireless internet faults are due to our computers and there's no problem their end, and now they've been found out the best they can offer is a $150 refund.
A private individual pulling the same stunt would be in jail for fraud.

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