Friday, March 16, 2012


I can't cut & paste or post links, for some reason. Could be this flash bullshit, which is no longer supporting pre-intel Macs.

Microsoft and their minions Do blow goats!


KG said...

This might help, Os:

KG said...

And this:
"Reading the officialAdobe forums I can say that they're working on the optimited version of flash 10.1 which definitely will bring some performance improvements to the PPC platforms.

I can tell you using the latest PPC Flash Player beta from Adobe on my Powermac G4 I am being cautiously optimistic they really can deliver something good this time.

Flash 11 will not be supported I think. Flash 10.1 will definitely be supported.

On the other hand, please do try the new HTML5 youtube feature. I can gladly report that my Powermac G4 is playing youtube videos FLAWLESSLY now with HTML5 enabled.

You open the page: YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. in Safari 4:

and click Join the Beta.

Now you're in. Enjoying flawless youtube videos on all your PPC machines."

Ciaron said...

Microshit kindly upgraded the browser on our netbook to IE9 (I think)without permission or authorisation.

Funny that my work machine did not get the same treatment...

KG said...

That's more than a little weird, Ciaron.

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