Friday, March 02, 2012

it's busted, move on

"The severely quake-damaged and "very dangerous" Christ Church Cathedral will not be rebuilt it has been confirmed.
Bishop Victoria Matthews, speaking in the Botanical Gardens this afternoon, said the cathedral would be "deconstructed with the utmost care and respect while at the same time protecting the treasures within its walls..."
Any fool know this building has had it. So salvage what you can and use the salvage in building a new one- with the insurance money and any donations.
Nothing is forever, so get over it.
As for this imbecile:
"...However, a city councillor has already threatened to chain himself to the cathedral to prevent any demolition.
Cr Aaron Keown said the cathedral would be demolished ''over my dead body''.
''I would be in there chaining myself to the building to stop that and I know lots of other volunteers would come in to do that..."
Chain away. We can never have too much Darwinian selection.
Do the council and the bureaucrats not have enough blood on their clipboards already? All those who were killed by unstable building that could not be demolished due to red tape (Bloody resource consents for 'heritage'  buildings- AKA crumbling shit-holes)
i know how much damage would be done to a D-8 should it happen to run over this twit.
Absolutely none...


Anonymous said...

Agree! While he's chained to the church remnants he isn't breeding.


KG said...

Bishop Victoria???
Bulldoze it!

KG said...

I'd rather enjoy seeing a bunch of these clowns do a Rachel Corrie...:)

tOM said...

Rebuild it by all means,BUT THE CHURCH PAYS.

Oswald Bastable said...

Like all the others who got caught underinsured- tough luck if you can't afford a replacement EXACTLY the same.

Heisenbug said...

Seriously, Os... who'd want an identical replacement? The original already proved itself well and truly unsafe. Maybe there's an upside to the USAnians' habit of demolishing old churches to build new ones every few decades after all.

Ciaron said...

NO, NO, NO! All the other pricks (uninformed, and without financial interest) sticking their oar in saying it can be saved should pay!