Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Hindsight is great for criticizing

"If staff had not taken such risks, I am sure more lives may have been lost," he said.
Baxter's statement was in response to a submission to the Canterbury earthquakes royal commission this morning, in which lawyer Nigel Hampton, QC, suggested the rescue efforts had been inadequate, inept and inappropriate.
Hampton was speaking on behalf on his client, Srecko "Alec" Cvetanova, who's wife died in the Canterbury Television building more than 12 hours after its initial collapse..."
(bold mine)

Another reason to start hanging lawyers.
It's so easy to criticize the actions of others, especially those who did not have the luxury of time to consider all options. I would love to see the slimey little fuck trapped in a burning vehicle, with his feet on fire, while the rescue crew had a 'elf & safety meeting for- say an hour or so- to consider the best and most appropriate way for cutting his charred remains free!


Andrei said...

Yes all this navel gazing a year after the fact - you shouda, coulda done this.

As I recall they worked continuously through the night as aftershock after aftershock rolled through in a situation where there was unstable concrete and masonry which could take them out with only the equipment that was readily at hand available.

In related news there is an airline pilot before the courts "for careless use of a 737" because he may have taken off a few minutes later than the official cutoff time before "legal twilight".

Two days so far on a completely uneventful event

Oi said...

We used to have debriefs to ascertain what we had done right and what we could have done better. We knew when we fucked up and didnt do that again. Others learned from it

These civilian pukes hold a
'royal commission' with 20-20 hindsight to apportion blame for things that didnt go according to plan. Then they wonder why men are so reluctant to risk themselves in any future event.

MathewK said...

If it was true elf & saftey, british bureaucrat style, they would stand around waiting for him to burn out and prevent anyone else from trying to help him. There wouldn't be any meeting.

Some of them might even toss the clipboard into the fire to speed things along.