Thursday, February 17, 2011

Boot camp for bad buggers

There has been a lot of noise on the unknown effectiveness of the so-called 'Boot Camps'.

It is my belief that these are useful for 'kick starting' direction-less youths. I personally know of several that went through the old LSV scheme, back in the eighties. They went on to stay in employment, working up to positions of responsibility- in one case she is now self- employed and is particularly successful in business.

They are probably less effective in turning future career criminals and thugs around. There is a great difference in molding clay and trying to fix a badly-fired pot.

So what do I propose to do from those who go on to re-offend, after being given their chance?

They go to the BAD camp. The punishment camp. The one with the discipline on the harsh side of severe, the physical training like that on the SAS selection course and the food that is served in British schools.

Did I mention it is on an island? One of the sub-arctic ones...


The probligo said...

Hmm, I think I would agree.

The truly intractible I think have earned themselves a one-way trip to somewhere like Enderby, or Antipodes, or similar (not Campbell as there are residents there...) and left. No food supplied, no resources, they make what they can from what is there for as long as they might be able to survive.

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