Sunday, February 06, 2011

Look at ME!

Anything to get your fifteen minutes of fame!

"A Waitangi dawn ceremony ended with a Maori elder prophesying the destruction of Wellington in a huge earthquake that would leave the Beehive "lying in the debris of the streets".

In a strange end to this morning's prayer ceremony at the Treaty Grounds, Kerei Tia Toa said he had "seen" a great earthquake that was going to ravage Wellington.

He predicted the earthquake would create a tsunami that would stretch down to Kaikoura and when the water returned it would rush into the streets of the capital and cause widespread destruction as far north as Whanganui..."

Probably 2012.

or not.

Dreams ain't that reliable. I'm still waiting for the one with the three naughty 19-year old gals to happen to me.

I'm not holding my breath waiting...


Anonymous said...

Probably one of the few true things spoken at Waitangi.

Anonymous said...

It won't be a thing that a koha, tongue poking or waving a pointed stick will prevent either.

Be careful what you wish for. Every slapper is someone's son or daughter Oz.