Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Not even close

"Government plans for a welfare shake-up have been attacked as "punishment" and ''a nonsense''.

Prominent beneficiary advocate Sue Bradford this morning lashed out yesterday's statement to Parliament by Prime Minister John Key, which she said was just an effort to appeal to the National Party's core supporters..."

Anything less than unconditional surrender by labor-lite would be harsh treatment of the poor underclasses.

MY ideas (for the long-term bludger subset) WOULD involve punishment for their idleness- Namely, the Workhouse, or for those that cannot learn from a term in the Workhouse- permanent incarceration in a recidivist settlement.

If you want to call it a ghetto, call it a ghetto. I could care less.

If you want to live off the taxpayer, you can do it in spartan conditions and in an unpleasant enviroment. Much like our military have had to endure.


Doggo said...

Somewhere between the lines of this post I read:

"What we need is a jolly good war"

halod1 said...

I'd like to see a significant gap between quality of life for persons on each of: minimum wage, welfare and prison. Problem : we have people who free choose 2 and even 3 over getting off their lazy arses. I'm certain a couple of people with you as Chair around a whiteboard could fix this in no time.