Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wowsers and Wankers

"Kiwis drank the equivalent of about 750 stubbies of beer each in 2005 but still sank less than their counterparts across the ditch, an international report says.

The World Health Organisation Global Status Report on Alcohol and Health shows New Zealanders drank an average 9.6 litres of pure alcohol each, well above the 6.1-litre global average.

The most popular tipple was beer, followed by wine and spirits.

National Addiction Centre director Doug Sellman said the "extraordinary" figure equalled 750 stubbies of 4 per cent beer, about 100 bottles of 12.5 per cent wine or 24 bottles of 40 per cent spirits..."

(Bold mine)

Whoop de frickin; do!

An 'extraordinary TWO BEERS A DAY. Or two bottles of wine a week.

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