Thursday, February 10, 2011

What does 'Petty Crime' cost us>

I found this over here- an interesting site.

Owner Operators

The proportion of loss incurred by retail business is often higher than expected. Find your store type and calculate your loss.

Industry TypeAverage LossProportion of Profit Lost
Clothing / Fashions1.9127.55
DIY Hardware / Car1.8625.70
Dept Store1.7017.80
Electrical Goods1.6013.33
Footwear / Sports Goods1.1211.70
Furniture / Textiles0.7512.90
Grocers / Supermarkets0.8325.00
Toys / Music / Video2.1421.20

Despite what they say:

"...The household does not pay this. In the real world with tightening margins, competition from many other stores and more discerning customers;
The retailer, you, pays this..."

At the end of the day the cost is passed onto EVERYONE, given that thieving is spread right across the board.

I imagine the business wants to stay afloat, so they load up the prices to cover the loss- which the end user ends up paying.


Anonymous said...

I do wonder how accurate these loss figures are. It is easy to pocket cash sales and then claim shoplifting to account for the missing stock and keep IRD from the door.

Having said that shoplifting is rife. Even shoplifting to order.


The probligo said...

I can only wonder when paranormal last went home with one of his employer's ballpoint pens "accidentally" in his pocket.

As for shoplifting, take a look at the number of (often very well-heeled) people who graze on "samples" from the fruit and veg, bulk food bins, sweets packets and (I have seen this and provided the store with a photo) biscuits from a packet.

Oh, btw on the ballpens; I use a refill for an otherwise quite expensive variety of micropoint pen. It stops me from walking out with them in my pocket and even better means that NO-ONE ever knicks them off my desk!