Thursday, July 29, 2010

Solutions are simple but unpalatable

SO- what would stop SO MANY children being murdered?

Stop funding the breeding of unwanted children.

Despite funding girls to 'care' for their offspring full-time, they consistently fail at their duty in numbers too large to be ignored. I call them girls because they do not understand that which a woman does. Your 'needs' come second to your children's.

Much, if not most of the problem would be the feckless male refuse they attract. These losers are attracted by sex, a roof over their heads and someone who get more taxpayer funding than he does to mooch off. At best they have no interest in another male's offspring. At worst, he is a loose cannon with a cracked barrel, as far as the kids are concerned.

I look at the town degenerates that hang around the scrubbers loafing on the DPB in our street. I hear their fighting and drunken/drugged carry-ons and know that it is just a matter of time there...