Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bipolar NZ

In the world I live in- dominated by real men and a few women- doing all the stuff actually needed to make a country work- there is nothing but contempt for the bludgers along for a free ride.

But the trouble is that these folks are so busy keeping the world going round, they have no time-or interest- in changing which direction it spins.

THAT is governed by a class who are NOT bothered by the burden of meaningful work.

And the good people who matter have been brainwashed to believing that politics are distasteful and beneath then (the current system IS)

Politics are so far from the folks actually growing the food, making the power flow and keeping the roads open, that the politicians might as well be living in frickin' Narnia! (make your own observations about coming out of closets)

We need to get away from elections and move to gallows.

The people that matter are the only ones that know how to use a hammer and nails anyway...

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