Friday, July 02, 2010

Be thankful for what you have

"Social Development Minister Paula Bennett was grilled by teenage parents over early-childhood centre funding cuts during a visit to North Canterbury.

Bennett yesterday visited Kaiapoi's Karanga Mai, a school for young parents, where pupils questioned a $17,000 funding cut to the school's early-childhood centre..."

More entitlitis here. These people fucked up their lives through dumb choices, then complain because they don't get the gold-plated option.

"...The Government's Budget cuts involve replacing the top two funding rates for centres employing more than 80 per cent of qualified teachers with a single lower rate..."

So some of the teachers are not fully qualified. they probably know more than the genius student that came out with:

"...Karanga Mai pupil Tracey Andrews said the cuts were "ridiculous" and that each centre should be judged on individual need.

She felt her child's safety would be compromised if left in the care of an untrained teacher.

"Say a child is choking, and there's no-one else around, if that [untrained] person doesn't know CPR, that's that kid gone just because they weren't trained," she said..."

I suppose that according to that a fully trained doctor should be in the room at all times!

Be thankful the TAXPAYERS are supporting you and your bastard offspring at all!

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