Sunday, July 25, 2010

Behind the times as usual

Given that I never get to the pictures, refuse to listen to what is hot and trendy and only buy the DVDs when they are at knockdown prices, I would be possibly the worlds slowest movie reviewer.

Yesterday I finally got a couple of hours between jobs and got to watch the copy of District 9 that I brought about a month ago.

At last!

Something quite fresh and new and not a freaking remake or sequel.

Lots of good splatter and effects- not for the kiddies like the R16 rating implies.

I hate to spoil a story by actually giving away any details (plus that would involve an effort on my part) so I won't.

It's a good, gritty fast paced action sci-fi- think shades of ET and Blackhawk Down crossed with Naked Lunch!

Well worth the $15 buck at the red shed and buying a copy might get Peter Jackson nearing to affording a local hanger for his new jet!


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halod1 said...

The scene where Wikus tries to get the form signed and threatening the kid is classic. Way better than Inception.
I'd like to see you review The Kingdom and Hurt Locker.

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