Monday, July 26, 2010

News flash- man leaves bar pissed

"A Wellington RSA has been banned from selling alcohol for a day after one of its members got drunk at the club and was caught drink-driving at nearly four times the legal limit..."

Slow new day, huh?

Everyone knows that driving pissed is a bad thing. That is not the issue here.

If there were any consistency in policing, EVERY drunk picked up in town who had come from a bar should result in a prosecution for that bar. [insert Tui ad here]

If all bars lost a day's trading for every drunk that staggered out the door- you would have a hard time finding a bar open at all.

It isn't even happening with people convicted for drink-related offences in other cases.

Why single out the Tawa RSA all of a sudden?

Some copper get their membership application blackballed?

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