Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dumb and the other one

"An energy company has been forced to compensate a Wellington apartment owner after a meter reader defecated in a plastic bag while at the man's flat and left it there.

The Electricity and Gas Complaints Commissioner has told Genesis Energy to pay $800 to Errol Anderson, after the incident last September. However, Mr Anderson says the compensation is insufficient, as he cannot rent the apartment out until the "stigma" of what happened has faded..."

I would say $800 for finding a bag of crap on your doorstep should take away one's angst. Asking $200k is about as dumb as the clown who crapped in the bag (pleading desperation) and then left it there.

I personally know of a similar case of a jar of urine being left in a ceiling space. Again the offender was too dumb/lazy to simply remove the jar and dispose of it and the contents.

Shit happens...

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