Thursday, July 23, 2009

Weatherston- just another whiney-arsed seg* now

"Murderer Clayton Weatherston has reportedly been moved into at-risk prison unit after a bounty was put on his head..."

Apparently for $55k

Yeah, right.

Most for the scumbags haven't got the price of a 25g pack of tobacco and those who do don't don't give a shit about what happens outside of their tribe- but there are probably a few peanut slabs riding on who gives him the bash first.

But in any case, he will be whipped off into segregation at first opportunity (Corrections hate high profile inmates for obvious reasons, so keep them sort of out of harm's way)

I say sort of, because shit happens even amongst the whiney-arsed segs. In a segregated wing you get the following sorts:

Ordinary murderers who are too soft to go mainstream.
Ordinary crims that are too soft to go mainstream.
Crims in debt or about to get the bash. (see above) Put there by prison managment to keep the paperwork down.
Ex cops, screws and informants.
Kid- killers.
KF's (thats pedophilles to the polite)

Usually put there by prison managment to keep the paperwork down, or at their own request.

Each of which thinks they are better than the others. (they are ALL arseholes)- so there is no solidarity amongst segs and thus they pick on each other.

So its 23 hour lockdown for him until the animals find another object to vent their considerable spleen on. Right now its just monkeys screeching at a new monkey in the adjoining cage.

As for those thinking he will discover that rape is not a crime inflicted only on women- it does happen but not that frequently.

Prison arse-banditry is a more voluntary affair- especially in segregation.

But there is hope.

One type of inmate that is never tolerated is a big mouthed smart-arse. It's on that account he is going to come to grief.

*- seg- segregated inmate- voluntarily or otherwise.

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