Sunday, July 05, 2009

Pull your bloody heads in- do what you are told!

"The Government faces a revolt from primary school principals, with three-quarters of them set to boycott the new national standards..."

Were I the minister, I would be expecting any prima-donna principal who refused to follow orders to resign immediately. Those not doing so should have disciplinary procedures started against them immediately.

If you do not wish to follow the instructions of your employer, resignation is the only honourable course of action to take.

You are public servants. Your employers, the taxpayers, have elected the government you are expected to follow.

You may not like this government, but your contract as a public servant requires you to be politically neutral on the job.

Doing the job isn't about what YOU want. It's about what the boss wants and the boss follows what the customer wants.

You get paid to do whatever that is.

So suck it up, take a big bite of the shit sandwich and get on with it.

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