Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Abusing technicalities

"...Karen Bock refuses to pay the $1000-a-term donation at the state integrated Rathkeale College in Masterton and is upset at the school's "aggressive" attitude toward the $13,000 sum said to be owed.

Ms Bock pays about $2000 a year in compulsory fees, but said she could not afford the donation. "I am a single mother and only have a certain income..."

Now she is technically quite correct- she cannot be forced to pay the 'donation'

"...Education Minister Anne Tolley declined to comment, but in a speech last month warned integrated schools that demanding large voluntary donations was not acceptable. "Voluntary donations are just that, voluntary. If unreasonable demands are being placed on parents, they must stop..."

But I see it differently.

By choosing a private school, do you not make a tacit agreement to meet their 'voluntary donation'- called that for tax purposes?

You go into this knowing that these schools have large charges in order to be- well- a better school.

To then try and weasel out on a technicality is bowling underarm!

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