Wednesday, July 29, 2009


The mendicants of our country need to loose the sense of entitlement and learn a bit about gratitude and humility.

Many of the chaps at work earn less and have to work outside in the heat of summer and cold of winter for long hours- wet, muddy and nasty work. Yet they are forcibly parted from their earnings so that others may sit on their ever widening arses.

The governments response to release details is justified, IMNSHO, in order to correct a few omissions and a bit of misdirection. That is where it should end.

Time will tell if those who upset the powers-that-be will be put under the microscope as Tim Selwyn was. Under the current climate- which like the weather, isn't really changing much- there is always something to be dredged up- like my lack of permits for certain structures, for example.

I hope the current crowd will not do the 'will no one rid me of this turbulant priest' routine and let an underling wanting to curry favour dig deep for dirt.

They ain't Lairbore, but so much of the song remains the same...


Big News does the investigating on one of the moaners. The trail was that wide that Helen Keller could follow it.

Now Paula Bennet can sit back and grin. No need to 'have a word to somebody!'

When you sup with the Devil,best bring a long spoon. Think aout that before running to Liarbore.

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