Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Underarm Bowling part 2

I received this reply to yesterdays post- my comments in blue:

Oswald - this is more than a technicality, and Rathkeale is not a private school!
Back in 1992, financially challenged Rathkeale went from private to integrated, under certain conditions agreed to with the state. Personally I think they would have been better to continue autonomously as a private school, but this was a decision they must live with.

When dining with the devil, you must remember to bring a long spoon. I agree that they would have been better staying autonomous, but perhaps it was a matter of survival.

In this case, they are clearly violating their undertakings. They must not be a private school in drag. The recipe is not for them to be "better", but to maintain special character!

The two tend to go hand in hand.Why would you pay if they did not offer something percieved to be better? We need to get over this elitistphobia that is rampant here. It's good to want to be better!

Earning particular wrath though is the suggestion from the school that this woman get a mortgage so that Rathkeale can be a Rolls Royce. This is something virtually every New Zealander would condemn.

Now there is a real PR disaster!Those involved should have known better. My wife is a trustee of our local school and assures me this area ('donations) is covered in some detail.

The integrated school system undermines the private schools (by being a budget private system) It undermines the state system (by being a more elite state system). They are neither fish nor fowl, and they are in a weak position. Especially when Rathkeale illustrates the contradictions so well!

Back to the fear or distaste for an organisation daring to be better.As I see it, ALL children are entiltled to an education under our current political system. In other words funds to the amount that a state school recieves per head.

If a school by whatever name recieves this funding, then seeks to add to it by fee, donation or sponsorship- I see no problem with this.

As the situation stands, private schools- like state schools are not all equal. Some are much better than others. This has always been the reality of schools.

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