Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Some serious apologist bullshit

"...Popo's uncle, Popo Su'a, said yesterday that his nephew should not have been charged with murder for killing Porirua police sergeant Derek Wootton.

Popo's plea of guilty to manslaughter was "best for him", Mr Su'a said. "It wasn't something he did on purpose. It wasn't murder."

Mr Su'a, a minister of the Congregational Christian Church of Samoa, said: "What happened saddens me, not only for him but also for the police officer's family. But I believe it wasn't intentional. It wasn't his fault, in a way..."

Not his fault!

What a total load of rancid donkey bollocks!

"...The Crown alleged that the car, taken by Popo from another man the night before, had been travelling at up to 150kmh during the police chase that led to the tragedy.

Popo also pleaded guilty to injuring a man and unlawfully taking his car in Tawa, and driving while disqualified. He still faces a charge of kidnapping a teenager..."

I suppose that lot was also 'not his fault , in a way'.

*So this piece of shit races his car* and kills a police officer trying to stop him- and because he didn't mean it that makes everything OK and all he deserves is a telling off, I suppose.

What he does deserve is 25 years minimum at hard labour for killing a police officer in the line of duty. The kidnapping charge should round it out to a drop on a short rope!

But this is NZ and the slimebucket will get five years for manslaughter and cry because he can't get home detention.

And his fucktard uncle should get a bloody good kicking for ' It wasn't his fault, in a way.'

*Correction: ...this piece of shit races the car he has hijacked and stolen...

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