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I have been since I read this:

"...Cherishsiliala Tahuri-Wright, 3, known as Cherish, suffered severe head injuries at a house in Marton on February 17, police allege. A 56-year-old woman, charged with her murder, is in custody.

Although emergency services were alerted about 12.15pm, the critically hurt toddler did not arrive at Palmerston North Hospital till 2.40pm.

"It really pisses me off to think they dicked around for a couple of hours while a little girl was dying," said family spokeswoman and Porirua Deputy Mayor Litea Ah Hoi..."

Heaven forbid you feel righteous anger towards the festering turd that bashed this child to death!!!

What would have probably happened is that, being out of a main center, the first responder would have had basic Ambulance qualifications and made the call on assessing the injuries, to call for an advanced paramedic. Sorry but that's the reality- we can't have an advanced paramedic at every corner, waiting for you to smash your child. Be thankful to a very few volunteers that you have an ambulance service at all!

They do the best job they can, with what they have. When you are a long way from a hospital, 'scoop and scoot' without stabilizing the patient just turns your ambulance into a hearse.

The family mouthpiece can be excused for being an ignorant, stupid person by association with scum that bash children. (Note to Sue Bradford- this is real bashing)

Porrirua's Deputy dog-catcher needs to resign immediately and apologize to St Johns. That worthless muck-raker needs to take a big cup of shut-the-fuck-up.

Of course all of the above will be declining the services of St Johns in the future.

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"...However, in a statement today, St John operations director Tony Blaber said interim findings showed an Advanced Life Support capable doctor was on the scene in 19 minutes, and a double-crewed ambulance from Feilding arrived within the next minute.

"In addition a clinical manager with specialist skills, an Advanced Life Support emergency helicopter and an Advanced Life Support crew from Wanganui were also mobilised," Mr Blaber said.

"The patient received high level clinical care at the scene and needed to be stabilised before being transported to hospital in an air ambulance."

Interim investigation findings from St John's medical advisor showed the specific care provided to Cherish had been of a high standard and it was unlikely it had any impact on her outcome..."

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