Sunday, April 12, 2009

Pirates and vandals with spray cans.

I have noticed a clear link between two groups.

They seem unable to be stopped.

It's not they can't be stopped. Both activities could be halted almost immediately but this ain't going to happen.

The problem is a lack of political will to effectively deal with the problem.

The pirates are treated as a 'Policing' problem by the powers-that-be, who believe they should be detained (without harming them of course!) arrested and laced before a court.

The Navy(s) know that the way to deal with pirates is to turn them into crab food. You don't negotiate- you adjust the fall of shot.

Craphead graffiti vandals can be stopped by letting the public loose on them. The powers-that-be like to spout fluff about 'the problem belongs to all of the community'. Very well- let the community deal with the problem as they see fit. A few tar & feathering's and the problem will vanish.
Like the Somali pirates, they know they can get away with their crimes as nothing much will happen to them. I have noticed that since one poor sod was sent down for stabbing one of these humanoid cockroaches, there has been an explosion of graffiti and general vandalism about town. They know well that now people won't risk a conviction for assault in a confrontation.

So they carry on with impunity.

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