Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Das Ubercouncil

Firstly- you would think that this was the first city in the world to contain more than a million people! Cities around the world have had larger populations for centuries.

I'm sure there are plenty of overseas models to have a look at. I would like somebody else to pay for me to go on an extended tour of these cities!

I promise to bring back plenty of photos and post them here!

But seriously, the idea is meant to improve efficiencies by economy of scale and by eliminating duplication of 'services'.

Sounds fair, but as we know, government plans seldom work as intended and usually just create a bigger, more costly clusterfuck.

Not PC gives a detailed rundown on the wolf in sheep's clothing here.

What would I like to see done?

Same as Peter:

"...Cap real rates, repeal the Local Government Act 2002, remove the power of general competence from councils, and so limit the power of planners and local bureaucrats to push us all around..."

Pull the bastards teeth by setting in law a very limited range of council functions!

Footpaths, water, waste and parks.

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