Thursday, April 23, 2009

Democracy in Local Government

There is much wailing and gnashing off teeth over the the 'SuperCouncil' being anti-democratic.

Sorry to piss on your fish & Chips, but the whole system of voting in a Mayor, Councilors and community board is but window dressing.

Their input is minimal and they are resented and as often as not obstructed by the grey-shoe wearers who are quite safe from the wroth of the ratepayers.

It's just like the anonymous snivel-servants that carry on celebrating mediocrity, incompetence and the toxic personality cult as their 'masters' change.

Mention the local council staff and what images immediately come to mind:

  • The inept third-rate 'engineer' who would be out of his depth in a kindergarten sand pit.
  • The myopic building inspector who couldn't build a dog kennel that stays dry, but knows all the building regulations that will stop you doing something with your own property.
  • The Parking Warden. Enough said.
  • The bloated chocolate-addict behind the counter that scowls at you when you go to pay the rates demand. Probably kicked out of Quantas for a poor customer service attitude.
  • The gin-addled old fart who can't be pushed out the door now that there is no retirement age. Nobody actually know what he does

We all know them, regardless of where we live. South Wairarapa has the bloody lot-- but they are a joke even to other councils.

I have personally heard them state that the Mayor & councilors should stay out of their affairs and stick to opening school fairs and sporting events. Safe behind bomb-proof employment contracts- you can bet they do all they can to keep the elected officials at a distance!

If you think we REALLY have a say- you are deluded.

We need ALL council functions minimised and put out to facilities management contracts. These can be overseen by elected officials.

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