Sunday, April 19, 2009

Kicking a woman in the back

Well- up the arse was more the thought of the time.

That happens when you overhear a couple of DPB bludgers bitching to each other about 'Having no time to themselves or money for a babysitter so they can go out and party and how they should get more cash (of course).'

That does not sit well as one is about to start another 12 day shift with seven days on-call 24hrs.

The four-figure tax loss in the next pay is going- where?

This whole sense of entitlement is really giving me the shits of late. These slappers want US to pay for the upbringing their illegitimate spawn and now they want us to pay more so they can get out and copulate in some nightclub toilets!

Time to stop feeding the pigeons!

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