Monday, September 15, 2008

Tell the WHOLE bloody story for once!

"A man jailed for life for killing and raping a teenager 19 years ago has been denied parole.

Paul Joseph Dally kidnapped Karla Cardno, 13, in Lower Hutt on May 26, 1989.

He raped and tortured her in his home, then drove her to the Pencarrow coast, near Eastbourne, bludgeoned her with a piece of driftwood and buried her in the sand..."

Tell it as it happened FFS!

"...The brutal murder of Karla Cardno had left mental scars.

Snatched off her bike on her way home from the shops, the 13-year-old was tortured, raped and abused by Dally for 22 hours before he buried her alive in a shallow grave on the Pencarrow coast..."

This piece of unspeakable excrement buried her ALIVE. This is an important fact when the story is about how this is the ninth time his parole has been declined.

As it should be until his dying day!

The facts of this heinous act should never be forgotten.

Another reason why the MSM cannot be trusted- softening the details of this atrocity!


Unknown said...

I agree with you. He should have had done to hm what he did t that helpless terrified little girl. He will always be a danger to women and children no matter how old he is.

JC said...

I do wonder why witnesses at the shops reported seeing Karla alone and distressed.She was not simply snatched off her bike. And why didn't the witnesses intervene, or Karla ask for assistance?