Monday, September 15, 2008

No surrender!

Much as I may play with the idea, I probably won't be leaving for Australia (never say never!)

I believe it's too early to give up on NZ and there is no certainty that the rot won't set in over the ditch. I see many indications that they are also letting the inmates run the asylum. They have the same problems with scumbag 'refugees' and the dickwad MSM refusing to report facts on the criminal activities of their 'guests'

This country is worth fighting for and that means staying- even if I could (easily) double my income over there.

I happen to like it where I am, which is why I are unapologetic about being outspoken regarding those who would destroy this great country and people.

I can't bring myself to condemn those who have jumped ship, but we need to stand our ground and say 'screw you' to the haters and wreckers. We built this place and can knock these wankers on their collectivist arses when we discover we have a backbone and a will and reason to fight.

And I mean FIGHT. No Mr Nice Guy- no friggin' quarter!

Fight by the only real rules- to friggin' destroy the enemy.

For they will destroy you. they are doing so. Their PC mind-fucking machine grinds slowly but it grinds thoroughly.

Don't let the bastards grind you down!

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