Sunday, September 28, 2008


Cactus Kate writes an excellent piece on this issue.

While I haven't found enough proof to be more specific, I have seen some mighty dodgy stuff over the years, especially in local politics.

Incompetent consultants hired after a history of cost over-runs and shoddy work. Preferential treatment given to contractors. Council's own tendering processes over-ridden. Work not put out to tender- the list goes on and on.

A hell of a lot of smoke for a non-existent fire.

Back when I was in the army, we spent a lot of time and effort trialling equipment. Our results were inevitably ignored and other equipment was purchased. What exactly was the point of evaluating it? Could it be that the stuff they brought was assembled at great expense in a marginal electorate?

It probably is not as bad as some parts of the world where graft is just a fact of life and part of everyday business. That's no reason to start thinking WE are squeaky clean.

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