Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dumbass dog owners

"A seven-year-old Hastings boy has undergone surgery after being mauled by his mother's pitbull terrier cross dog.

Police said the boy suffered severe lacerations and a large chunk was torn from his right arm..."

I'm more than convinced that the sort of idiots that own these bloody dogs are incapable of figuring out that they are NOT pets. I think they they are as much in need of neutering as their mutts.

It's not like this is an isolated incident and I wonder how many happen that don't reach the news.

And as for the new laws regarding these animals, micro-chipping and so on- what a waste of time,effort and our money. As we said it would be.

Every time there is an attack, there are a few crocodile tears shed, the dog gets a bullet and WE via ACC pick up the tab for the victim's treatment (or burial)

The dog owners are in the same moral postition as a person leaving a loaded firearm in easy reach of children. They should recieve the same sort of penalty that the firearm owner would recieve if little Johnny found the shotgun and shot his sister...

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