Friday, September 05, 2008

No- they really are sheep!

There is something quite depressing about politics in New Zealand- and most other places at that.

The most depressing part is where the sheeple continue to mindlessly vote for the two main parties, regardless of how badly they have been shafted by the party they support! Note how many use the 'It was good enough for our fathers- and our fathers fathers' line. Heaven forbid they ever have an original thought.

At least these ones take a side, for whatever flawed reason. They will stick to their party even if their Dear Leader was found to smoke crack, strangle babies, hunt dolphins and wear underwear made of live kittens sewn together.

Then we have the cretins who flip-flop, not knowing whether they are Aurthur or Martha. These are the fucktards that the parties pander too- no wonder electioneering is FUBAR! They are called 'swinging voters' and they should be- by the neck until they don't do it anymore!

Can't you get out of the Liarbour/National Socialist box?

Probably couldn't get out of a cat's litterbox.

Then there are the politicans- a sad collection of Narcissists, Psychopaths, Sycophants, Tit-Suckers, Axe-grinders and the Self-Serving Onanists. I can never figure out why you need more than a twenty to run a county the size of NZ. Elsewhere in the world, our PM would be a mayor.

To me- anyone who makes a carreer out of slithering up the political ladder is the last person that should be there. The sort of person needed is one who a proven capable achiever who is tapped on the shoulder and- probably a bit reluctantly STEPS UP TO THE CHALLENGE TO SERVE.

The idea that everyone gets a vote- who came up with THAT feed of arse! You SHOULD have a stake in the game before you get a vote. Some criteria need to be present- one I like is to have been paid more tax than you have recieved in Welfare For Families, benefits, student payments etc. For the period since the last election. Be a socialist when you are young, like Churchill said- but you have to be a net producer to get a say!

Democracy need a few conditions set- then it might work!

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