Friday, December 07, 2007

Thieving swine!

Hey you pinko shit-eaters! You know who you are- I've seen your IP addresses on my stats tracker and know you look in here.

Re-adjust the friggin tax tables, you bottom-dwelling scum sucking crapheads.

As you thieving bastards well know- they have not been matched to inflation in eight-odd years.

$800 in bloody tax last week. I should stop working 13+ hr days and let your friggin crappers dry up!


KG said...

That's two mothers on the DPB you're supporting there Oswald.
Doesn't that give you nice warm glow?

Oswald Bastable said...


It burns my arse, but no warm glow!

Oi said...

I always objected to paying taxes, but I perceived a necessity for the provision of infrastructure, privatisation has been an abysmal failure, so I begrugingly paid up.

What boils my piss though, is that I am provideing a luxurious living for drones like that bint with the mouth like a couple of deflated tractor tyres....... Ummmm Bradford, thats the name..... who was the front for the drive to remove child discipline from the home. The thought of a couple of solos bringing up a litter of antisocial teacher-bashers doenst fill me with enthusiasm either, but those drones in Wellington are the ones to get me firing on all 8 cylinders!

KG said...

8 cylinders! Call the Gorepolice--we have a warmener here.

MathewK said...

Yeah enjoy those cylinders while you can...

"I should stop working 13+ hr days and let your friggin crappers dry up!"

Yep, there will come a time when every one will have had enough, it's the way of the communal pot, leftist ideology has been failing for 2000+ years now. Common folks will only work for everyone else's benefit for so long.

Unfortunately that time is not here yet, so the bludgers will live another day.

ZenTiger said...

Look on the bright side Oswald. That's $800 tax before considering GST, petrol duties, rates, and a whole host of other taxes.

Plus you'll probably need to pay an accountant to sort out the finer details of being screwed. You accidentally fail to observe, or correctly interpret the thousands of pages of tax code, they'll ensure you owe them more than you've actually been paid.

Hang on, was that the bright side?

KG said...

Zen, seriously--what would you estimate the total % tax to be for someone on about 80k?
Surely it can't be less than 40%?