Sunday, December 09, 2007

Restricting slug guns is not exactly what I would do...

"Police in Tauranga doubt further restrictions on the use of slug guns will stop youths from committing crimes..."

They would be right. These morons simply can't look 15 seconds into the future and see what the results of their idiocy could be.


Well lets look at dropping restrictions on carrying ALL firearms. (For those who LEGALLY own them)

"...He says packs of youths looking for trouble is becoming all too common, and they seem to have no respect for the law..."

Well, I bet the little shitheads will respect a 230 grain chunk of lead & copper. The thought of getting a REAL slug in return may just deter them from waving weenie airguns about!

Just let us protect ouselves. The police, with the best of intentions, can't be everywhere...


KG said...

Asking "LET US" protect ourselves shows just how far we've come from the time when we had a perfect right to do just that.
Now we have to beg our elite masters for the exercise of what throughout nature is a natural right.
No right to effectively defend our lives and our families means no rights at all.

Deadman said...

"No right to effectively defend our lives and our families means no rights at all."

Wow. Love it.

Especially in light of what just happened here in the US.

I am reminded of the attack some years ago on a ticket agent at an El Al counter in LAX by an Arab. While I think one or more people were killed, an Israeli air marshal who was present (and armed) returned fire and dropped the fucker dead in his tracks. Imagine what the outcome could have been in Omaha if more people were carrying because they were ALLOWED to by our masters.

KG said...

That incident at the LAX counter reminds me of a case in the U.S. a very long time ago when the defendant who shot a man told the judge "he just needed killin' your honor"
Some people just need killing.

Anonymous said...

Post natal abortion.

KG said...


MathewK said...

Indeed folks, the only answer is to leave the law-abiding alone and hard punishment for those who break the law. No amount of weapons restrictions will work, unless you want some sort of police state or something.

Anonymous said...

All totalitarian states restrict free speech first and then disarm the people.
First the EFB then a new arms act. You have been warned.