Saturday, December 15, 2007

Still too good for them!

“The meals on Christmas day are almost identical to that served on any other day with the added extra of a Christmas mince pie. The menu is the same across all 20 prisons.

“Lunch is a portion of chicken, a serving of vegetables and a mince pie. Cold meat, salads and fruit will be dished up for dinner.

“While the meals are nutritious, they are by no means lavish.”

Story Here:

Meals are one thing Corrections gets about right- although they are soft on luxuries like tea and sugar.

However, I reckon Christmas should be a day of fasting- as should any day not spent working be!

One soft-cock doesn't agree:

"...Top Wellington chef Martin Bosley was aghast after seeing a photograph of the prison Christmas fare.

"That is truly awful," he said of the meal. "Your first thought is, 'Thank Christ I'm not in jail.' Imagine being sentenced to 18 years of that."

However, he said that, with a budget of $4 a day for three square meals, he would find it hard to create anything more appetising..."

News flash!- that might be 'Truly Awful' to a metrosexual tucker-fucker, but there are many thousands out there in NZ that would be delighted to receive that- not aghast.

Anything better for the inmate shit-heads is just like feeding a pig strawberries.

But he seems to gets the moral of the lesson- DON'T GO TO JAIL!


Anonymous said...

Perhaps the chef would be even more "aghast" to find that defence spends about half on servicemens meals as corrections.

Possibly not though being a leftie twit.


Anonymous said...

Many housewifes would be happy to be able to purchase the raw materials that prisons use to feed their families for just $4 a day each.

KG said...

""Your first thought is, 'Thank Christ I'm not in jail."
err--isn't that the whole point of jail, you lobotomized jerk?
Our "Christmas dinner" last year was couple of cheese sandwiches. (we were both working).

MathewK said...

Isn't it funny how leftists are suddenly yearning for Christmas festivities, out here i heard that prison officers will have to work on christmas day away from their families, so that inmates can spend time with their families.

Everywhere else leftists are desperately trying to kill Christmas, but only for the scumbags of the world do leftists yearn for the Christmas spirit.