Thursday, December 20, 2007


All day lying in puddles, working in 100% humidity and covered in mud, oil and rust, straining to undo frozen bolts.

I thought that was a shit of a day.

Then I got an email from a chap I have known for years. He has been sliding downhill form depression for some years. It looks like he has reached the turnaround point now, but on catching up with his past couple of years- I decided my day, job and life are really nothing to complain about!


ZenTiger said...

Generally, we have every-thing we need to be happy. It's just that because we spend so much time yearning for things to get better, we forget to notice how good things really are.

MathewK said...

Yeah i just found out a work mate's wife has cancer and it's the mean, nasty variety, all we can do is help where we can, be grateful for what we have and pray for the less fortunate.

Oi said...

Thats a long bow you are drawing there Zentiger.
Depression doesnt need and often, usually in fact, doesnt have any apparant cause. It hits those who have everything and those who have nothing.
It can be likened to a black-hole, where it seems that everything is falling in, and theres no escape.
It is known that a person suffering from depression, has lost receptors in the brain that handle neurotransmitters such as dopamine, and these have to be chemically replaced until such time as they reappear.

And lets be clear about this, I am talking about a person who is suffering from depression, which is not even in the same galaxy as feeling depressed.