Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Buy a Fireman a beer!

I can't praise those unpaid volunteers enough!

I was one of the first on the scene of a nasty crash an hour ago. The vehicle had hit a power pole, the driver was badly injured and the ute was on fire.

With my extinguisher and another from another first-aider we kept the fire down, but could not extinguish it.

The driver was trapped and there was no way we could get her out.

It was a real relief to see that fire crew arrive, just as the engine was starting to flare up, as we were near out of options!


Story here:


Anonymous said...

You are a damned hero Oswald. Pour yourself a large one. Just as well you had an extinguisher in your wheels. Amazing how many don't. Should be required for WOF. Shit I should'nt have said that. I can see another Govt. department being created to enforce it. Wash your mouth out Johnnyboy!!!!!

Oswald Bastable said...

Nothing heroic there!

Being a useful sort of bastard- yes!

Deadman said...

Wow! I'm with Johnny.
You're a regular hero!

And I don't have an extinguisher in my truck. I should remedy that...

Unknown said...

I think you and the firemen should all sit down for a beer or three.
I've pulled the odd person out of their crashed vehicle, scraped a cyclist off the road and taken him to A&E, and even rescued an elderly lady after she fell down a samll embankment while out for a walk. My fire extinguisher was used on one occassion (not on the little old lady I might add)and while you do what you do because youre a decent human being, it does leave yah feeling a little odd for a day or two.

P.S. I didn't cause the above accidents, I live in the country, just outside of town and many townies tend to think they can handle country roads....NOT. They don't realsie you have to DRIVE them and not just steer.

KG said...

She's doing fine Oswald--I just saw her again before leaving work.
What an amazing escape!
Emailed you.

MathewK said...

Yeah, good on you OB..

Deadman said...

"A guy"???

Not much respect for THE guy trying to save the woman first...