Saturday, December 15, 2007

Woman of the Year my arse!

What a load of PC crap!


I know her sort well- a feckin' groupie!

We had them in the army too. They would fuck anything in a uniform. The consent issues might be dodgey by todays PC standards, but we are talking about a time when life was different.

There is an old saying 'there is none so righteous as a reformed whore'

That's about the size of it. There sleazy past comes up, so they deny it saying the were raped.

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You cant judge the standards of 30 years ago by today.

And the past is THE PAST.


PM of NZ said...

I agree, The Herald is scratching the bottom of the barrel here with this ranking.

As for would be groupies, I distinctly remember one, when being questioned about being adrift, skiting that joining reason was the menu du jour of uniformed salted pork.

KG said...

Along with historical revisionism, this tendency to apply today's standards to yesterday's behaviour is simply idiotic.
And you'll notice people who do that never want to talk about yesterday's freedoms, do they?
The only standards the bastards are interested in are those which afford more control, more rules, less freedom.

Oi said...

This douchebag has a book to sell. I cant imagine that anyone has been crushed in the rush to purchase, so the publishers have had to reinvent her.
Its funny how she has been sanitized - no mention now of the other 3 or 4 false complaints she has made in the past and withdrawn.

This whole sorry saga was aimed at one person, and it finally succeded.

The above doesnt mean that I condone the tom-cat like activities of these men, who are supposed to be upright minions of the law, but as has been mentioned, different times, different mores. While they may be accused of being amoral, to bonk a slag isnt and wasnt a criminal offence.

Anonymous said...

I had a gf in Palmy who shagged half the cops sgtationed there in 1980. Apparently the staff social club dos were something to see.

Brian Smaller

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Making Louise Nicholas New Zealander of the year is just a big tick for victimhood. Watch it get worse.

Anonymous said...

The Herald have been carrying a torch for her ever since the investigation started. They have been a tad biased in their reporting, and now that she has managed to put a few family men behind bars and get rid of a cop Helen did not like, I suppose that they had to make her woman of the year.

I feel extremely sorry for the families of these men.

Gecko said...

I am gobsmacked she was chosen! and yes, I also feel sorry for the families of these men.

Anonymous said...

KG, "historical revisionisim" it is, and it is WRONG !
I trust you are not surprised, maoridom has made an industry out of it, in the PC world.
The waitangi tribunal is but one example.

any mouse

Anonymous said...

Phwoarrr..... I'm sure glad you guys know exactly how it went down!

Me, I don't know who to believe, but I sure feel sorry for Louise either way.

So I guess this means that Clint, Brad and Bob are probably top blokes, just a little bit misunderstood perhaps?

KG said...

"Me, I don't know who to believe, but I sure feel sorry for Louise either way."
I'll nominate for Idiot Comment Of The Year.
So you feel sorry for Louise either way, eh? This woman may very well have wrecked several family's lives and you feel sorry for her!
Idiot. I guess feeling sorry for her "either way" gives you some kind of nice fuzzy warm glow of virtue, eh?
Again and again we see men convicted on "historical" rape allegations, even though the rules of evidence have been skewed heavily in the complainant's favour and even though it's almost impossible to prove oneself innocent after a period of up to thirty years.
And make no mistake--it's now up to the man to prove himself innocent.
Save some of your sympathy for those men, fuckwit.

Anonymous said...

Thanks KG, glad to see you're thinking.

My point is that if her story is true, I feel sorry for her for not getting justice.

If it's not true, she's obviously a complete and utter nutter, in which case I also feel sympathy for her, despite the awful consequences of her actions.

Sorry man, I'm not trying to wind you up, and I understand what you're saying, but well, fuck me if I don't feel compassion for a person ay?

BTW, you don't also think it might also be impossible to prove someone guilty BRD thirty years after the fact, with no witnesses to verify your story? This whole case just isn't as clear cut for me as it is for you, evidently.