Thursday, June 21, 2007

From the loony-tunes left

Votes for sixteen year olds.

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What is this insanity?

Simple- a vote-grab. As with the lowering to 18. Why- because most inexperienced and naive youngsters vote liarbour or green. As we well know, this is the way student types lean at that age.

The others at that age are doing what they should be doing- getting drunk and trying to get laid.

I love the inconsistancy here- brain-dead bradford is one minute saying the are to stupid to have a choice of food at school and the next minute saying they should be able to vote.,

My views on the franchise are that it should only be given to adults over 21 who own property (or are paying THEIR OWN mortgage) and who are not on welfare or imprisoned.

Without some sort of criteria for eligability other than a pulse, we wind up with a 'bread & circuses' mentality.

As is plain for all rational persons to see!


Oi said...

You ever read Starship Troopers Os?

Oswald Bastable said...

Indeed yes- that's where I got the idea many years ago!

Seamonkey Madness said...

Agree re: 16 y.o's not being allowed to vote. This is just that crazy cat-lady trying to get more attention. Like it would EVER get through first reading - would be voted for only by the Greens; everyone else would be laughing it out of the Chambers.

But I don't wholly agree on who should be allowed to vote. Sure, anyone who hasn't nett positively contributed to the tax bucket (i.e. like you said, welfare or (ex-)imprisoned).
But anyone over 21 who owns property? Thats a bit rich? In saying that whats not to say that I couldn't start up a business selling semi-expensive 1m² blocks of land for people keen to vote, who can't afford their first house?

I mean I hold down a job, pay my taxes, don't steal/beat/cheat anyone/thing, but don't own any property (i.e. am renting). Why can't I vote Mr. Bastable Esq.?

sweetpea said...

Isn't obvious? The Greens are desparate for more votes. Too many 18 year olds can see the holes in their policies. They are hoping that 16 year olds can't.

Which is why the Maori party is supporting this bill as well.

Anonymous said...

"I mean I hold down a job, pay my taxes, don't steal/beat/cheat anyone/thing, but don't own any property (i.e. am renting). Why can't I vote Mr. Bastable Esq.?"

And likewise, I own lots of properties so I should get more votes.

Brian Smaller

Oswald Bastable said...

Seamonkey Madness-

In MY universe there are several other ways on can attain the privilege of voting.

Millitary service (also police, fire, ambulance, coast guard)for a satisfactory completion of a defined term.

I'm open to other suggestions for wothy individuals to earn their vote.

Unknown said...

Service number = vote.

Anonymous said...

In proto-democrcies, the vote was not a right, but the essence of citizenship. to become a citizen, one had to (usually) be of the Hoplite class or higher, Hoplites had to provide their own kit which ment they had to be men of means (land-owners), and provide service to the State. Only then could they participate in the political arena, in which any citizen could put forth a bill to be voted on by the assembly, although there were factions, Parties as we know them did not exist.

So in short: to vote is not a right, but a duty and a responsibility that must be earned to retian its value, like currency the more in existance, the less it's value.