Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Prisoner restraint- a hemp rope around the neck!

How sad- cry me a friggin' river!

After many years of being bounced around in the back of an RL Bedford, I have little sympathy to their plight. Hows many troops have died being transported compared to crims?

They should be manacled for their own protection, but more so for the protection of A- the public and B- Corrections staff.

The driver & escorts should have shotguns and sidearms- even soft-cock scandinavian crim-huggers do that!

The waist restraints should be the electrical types and they should be hobbled.

If toilet breaks are a problem (we ALWAYS warned then to go first!) then adult sized nappies are available (That s diapers to my American friends!)


PM of NZ said...

Oswald, your first question might have been better worded by specifying the older vehicle.

Given the recent statistics re modern military transport (read Unimog), the compared numbers might be somewhat similar.

And I would have to agree with you - the older military transport never had any passenger safety / transport / ventilation issues - you were too damn cold and uncomfortable to think of any thing but self survival, ever ready for the next task!

I see young Damien O'C is ass-covering as always - if he is looking for what to do next - Dear Leader was cutting a cake with a big sword he could fall on in her hands the other day in Melbourne.

Anonymous said...

Here's your silver bullet:

If you don't want to:
1/ be beaten to death in a prison van

2/ be restrained by Corrections in a sub-human manner

3/ be shackled in such a way that if your transport was in an accident you would suffer serious injury,


anyone who has died or been injured in custody had only themselves to blame for being there.

mojo said...

Oh Oz, so harsh .. I am sure the ombudsman said that the going to prison was the punishment, not the being in prison & what happens in there...& 'corrections,' a misnomer if ever I heard one (44% recidivism in three years)owe a duty of care to these folk ... gone are the days when our police dogs could nibble on the tender 'loins' of the deserving, when excess whilst inside resulted in a protracted period in that inhumane sensory deprivation unit where even the most macho wept, wet, soiled, hallucinated & promised reformation ... it seems even the armed services can no longer employ such inhumane practices ... all a bit crazy really.
But since these places have become 'amnestied,' 'civil libertied,' 'united nationed' & 'new age sensitised,' perhaps it is proper they change from being a whore of a place to a whoar of a place ... I am sure if all inmates were only fed organic veg that they too would experience an intellectual lift, an increase in passivity, corresponding testicular atrophy and a somewhat green perception of the world rather than a red or blue hue. This may just help reduce the current problems we are experiencing with transport to & from prison, incarceration, recidivism ++ & I am sure our mean spirited, deprive our kids of meat pies & chips, Ms Kedgeley would support such a move toward healthy living.
The solution may well be a like for like service, cabbages for ...
Did I really say that???