Sunday, June 03, 2007

I SHOULD have known better..

I did something dumb today.

I brought a new PC from DICK Smiths!

It's already been returned. POS would lock up after 10 minutes running.

By the time I had realised that it was the PC and not the internet- which is running at dial-up speeds today, the wife had stripped the software out of the old PC and installed it in the boy's room.

So I'm slowly tapping this out on my laptop- without a friggin mouse!

On the way back from getting a refund, I saw some of the worst driving I have ever seen on our roads. One moron in a Karori tractor travelling at 70k followed by a rusted out shitbox driven by the hillbillies from Deliverance made a totally effective rolling roadblock. So of course we had those who just HAD to get past- I saw two cars in the opposite lane forced into the shoulder and had the brakes on hard a couple of times.

I'm staying home with a bottle of brandy and will not leave for the rest of the weekend!

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