Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Fixing the frickin' kitchen door

Replace mechanism with the one swiped from a wardrobe door.

One year later, this too falls apart.

Take two months to remember to buy the new handles set.

Remove screws cemented in place by multiple coats of paint.

Discover that the inside of the new set is totally incompatable with the old hole in ther door.

Search garage for the door hole drill set last used six years ago.

Start cutting new hole.

Take flat drill batteries back to garage to charge them.

Next day- drill holes, search garage for builders bog to fill old hole.

Back to Mitre 10 for builders bog...


File & sand back

Search garage for chinglish instructions and the critical template

Drill holes

Find spare battery for drill

File bits out to make the barrel actually fit in the hole

Look for 1" chisel

Search for oilstone- and oil

Sharpen chisel

bandage finger

Discover eyesight has deteriorated since the last time I did this job

Fit lock

Find plastic wood and patch up

Sweep up dust & shavings

Door now opens and closes!

Next time consider open-plan living...

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Deadman said...

Remind me not to hire you...


BTW - Thanks for your support!